Ficus Lyrata 4 ft. tall

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Bring a bold touch of nature to your home with a fiddle leaf Ficus plant. This eye-catching plant has large, dark green leaves that add a rich tropical look to a bedroom, living room or sunroom. Not only are fiddle leaf figs striking and hearty, they help purify the air by removing unhealthy organic compounds. Research also shows that adding plants to your home also may help you feel happier and calmer.
  • Fiddle leaf fig is the it plant of the decade
  • Keep your fiddle leaf fig happiest by growing in a bright spot the more light it gets, the faster it will grow and the better it will look
  • Water when the top couple of inches of the potting mix is dry both over- and underwatering a fiddle leaf fig can cause it to develop yellow or brown leaves that drop from the plant prematurely
  • Fiddle leaf fig prefers average to above-average relative humidity levels if the air is especially dry in your home or office, augment moisture levels by grouping other houseplants around your fiddle leaf fig