Dracaena Mass Cane 2-3 ft tall

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The Dracaena Massangeana Cane or more commonly known as Mass Cane, is a group of sturdy canes with multiple heads of variegated leaves that droop to form an umbrella atop the stems. The Mass Cane, as is also known, is exceptionally easy to grow. Making it one of the best houseplant favorites to cultivate. The plant's leaves are its best feature--bright green with a yellow stripe. Plus, it tolerates low light and humidity and it does not need or want much watering. The corn plant loves sunlight and watering about once a week. Make sure the soil dry's out before watering again. To beautify your plant use containers with drain holes to drain excess water and keep your plant healthy. Indoor house plants are proven to be excellent air purifiers that removes pollutants and chemicals from the air for healthy living.
  • Mass cane plant is one of several popular varieties of Dracaena, requiring little maintenance, this live plant is perfect for indoors and is the perfect gift for a home or office
  • Massangeana cane has long, green leaves with light yellow and light green stripes running through them becoming the center of attention in your home, this plant is hand picked and shipped direct from our fields
  • Dracaena is 1 of the most effective house plants and air purification, they absorb the chemicals in the air and remove volatile chemical compounds, studies have shown live plants in a home reduces stress and improves mood increasing productivity and creativity
  • Corn plant requires such little maintenance it even pits up with neglect, watering once a week and allowing the soil to become slightly dry with indirect bright sunlight is best, the plant lives comfortably in 55°F to 85°F