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Treedrop has arrived to take the hassle out of Christmas tree shopping! Your perfect tree can now be delivered and installed at your command.

We're changing the way you buy Christmas trees. With a couple of clicks from any mobile device, you now have the power to select your tree and schedule a convenient delivery with ease. Once your tree arrives to your doorstep, Treedrop will gladly install it for you. You no longer have to worry about dreaded pine needles! Treedrop ensures a clean and convenient delivery. Ordering is a breeze!


We, the owners of treedrop, are Orlando residents, here to fill a void in our community. Having lived downtown for the bulk of our adult lives, we have experienced the difficulties of getting a Christmas tree into high-rise buildings. Busy work schedules, distance to tree lots, and the inability to transport trees are among the many reasons we have found it difficult to obtain live trees.


Our mission is to provide the finest personal service to our clientele by enhancing the Christmas tree buying experience. By providing convenience, quality, safety, and innovation, treedrop is driven to simplify Christmas tree shopping for all consumers. We pledge to provide a warm, genuine, and caring interaction with each customer in an effort to uphold the true essence and joy of the holiday season.

Treedrop is not just for downtown residents! We are here to serve the greater Orlando area, too! Check to see if we are servicing your area by entering your zip code on the home page.


P.O. Box 2238,
Winter Park, FL. 32790

Phone : (407) 906-0756
Email: jerry@mytreedrop.com


Jerry Jasmin


Courtney Jasmin


Rosie Jasmin


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