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We started Treedrop in 2017 with a mission to simplify the Christmas tree buying experience. Having lived downtown for the bulk of our adult lives, we have experienced the difficulties of getting a Christmas tree into high-rise buildings. Busy work schedules, distance to tree lots, and the inability to transport trees are among the many reasons we have found it difficult to obtain live trees.

In response to this pain, we created a solution - an online platform where clients could shop for Christmas trees 100% online. Treedrop was created to provide local delivery and installation of live Christmas trees, with an exceptional customer experience. We have delivered over 1000 trees to the Central Florida area, and we have added houseplants to our product offerings.

As Seen On

A tree you can be proud of.

We carry trees of all sizes to meet the needs of your unique homes and spaces.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

From houseplants to Christmas trees, we are equipped to deliver and install your trees with precision and care.

XXL Tree Delivery Available.

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